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Der Fall der "Mond - Mona - Lisa und mehr"
Einige neue Entwicklungen der angeblichen Apollo 20 Mission 1976...

Es ist mit äußerster Skepsis zu betrachten, ich stelle es nur mal hier zur Diskussion!

Ancient Martian Civilisations?

Might they find evidence of a past civilisation from long ago? There have been a plethora of theories about past, advanced civilisations on Mars.
There are numerous alleged sightings of “objects” photographed on the red planet by the NASA Rover. The supposed Sphinx on Mars would surely be of interest for example. As would the alleged Martian Pyramids that some insist sit proudly on the Martian surface. As crazy as those examples are to some, both of these alleged sites seemed a little more credible when a picture surfaced online in 2015. It appeared to show a ruined pillar with petroglyphs similar to those found at ancient Egyptian sites, etched into it in the dust of the Martian surface.
In 2014 there surfaced a claim that Mars had suffered some catastrophic nuclear event in its past by propulsion scientist, John Brandenburg. This nuclear fallout was present in the Cydonia and Utopia regions of the planet. In part due to his own theory that these areas also had indicators that an “advanced ancient humanoid civilisation” had once resided there, Brandenburg believed it was not a natural event that had caused the fallout. Brandenburg even went as far as to say that those responsible were likely an alien race who launched a nuclear attack on the indigenous population of these regions.

Secret Missions To Mars?

Perhaps of more interest though, might they find evidence of much more recent activity?

In September 2016, NASA Scientist, Jeffrey Sheehy, who is the senior technology officer of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, stated that although the technology did exist to reach Mars as far back as the 1970s, the technology to maintain a human presence on the Martian surface to justify the mission didn’t.
Some people however believe that only the first part of that statement is true.

Around a year before Lansdorp’s announcement, Italian UFO researcher, Luca Scantamburlo, released a report of a manned mission to Mars back in 1973. He claimed that the information had come to him via whistle-blower and pilot on the alleged mission, William Rutledge.

There had been several “information gathering” missions to Mars between 1970 and 1972 according to Rutledge. All launched from secret locations in South America and were joint efforts between America and the Soviet Union. The 1973 mission’s sole purpose though was to land on the red planet. The crew consisted of Rutledge himself, Commander Elliot See and Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin.

Shortly after this release of information by Scantamburlo, a three minute piece of footage appeared on the Internet. It was claiming to be “leaked” video of the 1973 mission to Mars aboard the ISV Columbus. While the footage is in all likeliness a hoax, it does have an air of authenticity about it. At the very least is impressive footage regardless of the authenticity. Check out the video below:

As for the claims made by Rutledge, perhaps his response to being the whistle-blower sums it up best when he said, “What can NASA or the USAF do now? Blocking or suing me would be an acknowledgement. They can speak of hoax or fiction!”

Although considerably less credible than Rutledge and Scantamburlo, a woman known only as “Jackie” claimed live on air on Coast To Coast radio in 2014, that she had seen with her own eyes “humans on Mars in 1979” while she had been an employee with NASA.

Her job was to download streaming data, describing herself as being part of NASA’s “downstairs team.” She claimed that via a live feed she witnessed men in “space-suits” walking on the surface of the red planet. Although Jackie claimed that a further six NASA employees also witnessed this event, no-one stepped forward to back-up her claims.

It has been a long running rumour that NASA and other such bodies are vastly further ahead than they admit. Their capabilities in space travel and technology is arguably far beyond what the public realises. It isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that perhaps these types of missions were going on in secret.

The Black Budget?

While it is common knowledge that former United States President Ronald Reagan had an interest in UFOs, even claiming two separate sightings of them, one particular paragraph he wrote in his journals (eventually published in the book “The Reagan Diaries” in 2007) raised an eyebrow or two in relation to this.

The entry in question read, “Lunch with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

This made some wonder exactly what NASA concern themselves with. As far as the general public were aware, space shuttles of the time only had capacity for eight people. Were NASA working with technology far beyond what we knew they possessed? If they were, were they doing this in secret while hiding behind the so-called “black budget?” Many people suspect they are.

Outspoken whistle-blower and former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, stated in January 2014 that the black budget was very real and amounted to “trillions of dollars.” This money is “rerouted” from public spending and used for “top secret” projects.

When Gary McKinnon managed to hack into several top secret United States government files in the early 2000s – including NASA files – he made some remarkable revelations about what he had seen. Some of his claims appeared to back-up what people such as the aforementioned Hellyer are saying now.

Of all the files and folders that McKinnon claims he had access to, perhaps the one marked “Non-Terrestrial Officers” is the most intriguing.

McKinnon told Project Camelot during an interview, “That phrase is nowhere to be found on the web, or in military documentation. The other thing (I saw) was a list of ship to ship and fleet to fleet transfers. Bear in mind, ‘fleet to fleet’, so multiple ships, of materials!”


Lautlos ist die Wahrheit, wie der Staub in einem tönernen Gefäß, das Gefäß kann brechen, was bleibt ist die Wahrheit.....

Lautlos ist die Wahrheit......wenn ich das mal deiner Signatur entnehmen darf....

Laut brüllend ist das,was uns da vorgekaukelt werden soll....,niemals würde die NASA,das FBI, die Homeland-Secutirity sowas veröffentlichen und schon gar nicht auf you tube ect,siehe Quelle oben...

Oder diese Wortwahl....die Aliens....anscheinend ist es in den Hirnen vieler hängen geblieben,dass Aliens fleischfressende Monster sein sollen,deren Nachbauten an die Dinosaurier erinnern...nur noch viel gruseliger....aber am schlimmsten,man gesteht diesen

Lebewesen,kein eigenes Denken zu,anscheinend sind alle nur ferngesteuert,oder mit einem Chip versehen,dass sie ja nicht verloren gehen...

Nonsens....meine Meinung und Lebewesen sollte man schätzen,egal,welcher Herkunft....

das war es auch schon,meine Meinung dazu

Heart phaeton
Die Augen eines Wolfes öffen dir das Tor zum Ursprung,so öffne dein Herz und du wirst wissen...Erkenntnisse sind der Weg zur Weisheit...
Ja Phaeton, hast Du Recht, mir geht es mehr um die Infos zwischen den Zeilen Wink

Die reißerischen Aufmachungen und unsinnigen Kommentare blende ich aus



Lautlos ist die Wahrheit, wie der Staub in einem tönernen Gefäß, das Gefäß kann brechen, was bleibt ist die Wahrheit.....
(25.05.2017, 17:50)Phaeton schrieb: Ja Eik, ,man sollte stets zwischen den Zeilen suchen und die Botschaften gibt sie immer,man muss nur all seine Sinne dafür einsetzen....

Heart lg,phaeton
Die Augen eines Wolfes öffen dir das Tor zum Ursprung,so öffne dein Herz und du wirst wissen...Erkenntnisse sind der Weg zur Weisheit...

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